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organic or Conventional

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organic or Conventional
by Mahfam Parpali - Sunday, 8 July 2018, 9:55 AM

In my opinion
Yes: organic farmers can still use herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides so
long as they are "organic". Also organic products are held to higher
standards of environmental stewardship. While certainly not perfect, the more
we can do to protect our rapidly deteriorating topsoil, the better.
Yes: organic foods have been shown to contain significantly less
pesticides of all kinds than conventional products.
Also, some pesticides have been shown to be harmful
But, organic foods have not been shown to be more nutritious
than conventional products.
The fact is, we don't know everything about health, and we never will. But
personally, I'd rather not do any risk in my life. I shop locally at farmer's markets
or Organic products which is mention USDA.